Postpartum Treatments

Some of your pelvic floor muscles lengthen 3x their length during a vaginal delivery. A cesarean is a major abdominal surgery where they are cutting through 7 different layers in your abdomen to get to baby. Postpartum rehab is critical in regaining awareness and strength of your abs and pelvic floor, and living and exercising without embarrassment or pain. You’ll feel educated and empowered in navigating your postpartum recovery and long-term pelvic health journey.

Painful Sex/Dyspareunia

Urinary leakage

Urinary urgency or frequency

Rectal pain

Pelvic organ prolapse



Hip pain or low back pain

Menopausal changes

Abdominal wall weakness

Diastasis Recti/Abdominal separation

Cesarean scar tissue restriction

Perineal scar tissue restriction

Return to fitness and exercise

6-Week postpartum pelvic floor/ab check